Collection Agency Pricing

As non-profit organizations, Community Associations rely on each homeowner to contribute their share of the operating budget.

When one homeowner doesn’t contribute, everyone else must bear the burden of subsidizing the delinquent homeowner.

It is never an easy decision to initiate collection action but, in most cases, it is the right one. As fiduciaries our responsibility is to make decisions based on the best interests of the entire community and not any one individual owner. We try to make that difficult decision easier for you.

32 Percent Less Cost
Equity Experts
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Proactive Outreach
Debtor Profiling
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Budget Friendly

Fiduciaries are protected with our deferred fee model and proven track record. With this approach, Communities gain:

  • Guaranteed positive cash flow
  • $0 hourly rate
  • File resolutions in under 90-days

All parties are aligned on the same positive outcome of resolving the delinquency as quickly as possible at as low a cost as possible.


Improved Community Cash Flow

Impact of Innovation

Fueled by technology and great people, we’re redefining the Community Association collection industry. Through debtor profiling & proactive outreach efforts, our custom- tailored debtor approach offers a significant economic impact. EE Communities experience 72% improvement to their delinquency rates compared to the standard attorney model.

If every Community in the United States partnered with Equity Experts, over one BILLION (with a B) dollars would be pumped back into local economies.  These funds help to improve home values by allowing Communities to invest in the infrastructure and activities that make living in a Community Association enjoyable and desirable.

See what impact EE can provide to your Communities.

Debtor Empathy

Founded on the principles of our Community Association Management background, we fully understand the dynamics of working with delinquent homeowner’s in Community Associations. We recognize that these owners are neighbors to Board Members and clients to Management Companies. With this in mind, we take an empathetic approach with debtors, listening to and educating them as we work to help get them back to good standing.

Proactive Outreach

Our proactive outreach is custom-tailored to each individual based on their circumstances and ideal method of communication. Our highly experienced team of recovery experts receives relevant FDCPA and compliance training twice a month and all calls are recorded and monitored by our team of compliance attorneys to ensure adherence. For those debtors experiencing financial hardships, we offer our EEReleef assistance program.

Promoting Healthy Communities

Our efforts ensure debtors have every opportunity possible to resolve their delinquency before legal action is recommended. This effort results in 60%+ of delinquent owners reaching good standing before legal action is necessary. Ultimately saving them $1,000’s of dollars of unnecessary legal fees, encouraging a healthier post-delinquency relationship with their Community.