Our Why

Equity Experts was created to solve a problem. As managers of condos and HOAs, we witnessed communities struggling with delinquencies and a lack of proactive collection options. Our experience with software integrations and technology told us there was a better way to resolve delinquencies quickly, often without legal action. 

Equity Experts exists to give managers and communities the best fiduciary results by helping owners settle their accounts quickly. Our management DNA combined with our technology makes us the best choice for fiduciaries.

90 DAY
Less Costs
Than Attorneys

Collections Protection

Equity Experts clients experience reduced accounts receivables and increased cash flow.

Technology Partners

We leverage technology for consistent and efficient results.

Customer Service

Our support tools and liaison team are designed to meet those needs with convenient access and custom resources.

Helpful Resources

Use our interactive map to find links to information and advice for boards of community associations.

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Equity Experts provides an innovative collection solution for community associations fueled by technology & innovation.