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Legal Update – Collection Fees

A jury recently found in favor of Equity Experts in a case regarding the reasonableness of our collection fees. Facts of the Case The Plaintiff is a homeowner who is a member of two homeowners’ associations (both a Master Association and a Sub-Association). At some point, accounts for both associations became past due and Equity […]

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Legal Update – Deferred Collection Costs

Can collection companies charge collection costs to delinquent homeowners? Is deferring collection costs FDCPA compliant? Last month, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a decision— assessing collection fees to debtors if authorized in an agreement is FDCPA compliant. A homeowner sued Equity Experts during April 2017, arguing authorization was not expressed to […]

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Legal Update – Bankruptcy & Continuing Liens

August 26, 2019– The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the 9th Circuit issued an important ruling in the case of Highland Greens Homeowners Association v. De Guillen. The court ruled that, for purposes of determining secured amounts in bankruptcy proceedings, a Notice of Delinquent Assessment is not a continuing lien. A delinquent homeowner filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, […]

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