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Equity Experts combines technology and debtor education to provide superior collection results for community associations.
90 DAY
less costs
than attorneys

Revolutionizing Collections

Collections in the digital age have advanced dramatically with workflow integrations, predictive analytics, and API data. Equity Experts is outperforming the market with vastly reduced delinquency rates, average resolutions within 90 days, a 98% success rate, costs that average 32% less than attorneys, and deferred fees.


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“[Our Client Liaison] is always a pleasure to work with. She's helped tremendously on a few things that have been ongoing issues for years, and her attitude is always great about it. Thank you so much!”
Community Manager
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“I work for a company that manages HOA's and Condo Associations and we use Equity Experts for our collections… Our rep and is wonderful! She always responds quickly and makes sure all of our needs are met. 10/10 would recommend.”
Community Manager
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“Equity Experts is quick to take action and have a successful collection rate."
Accounting Manager
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“The professionalism and results are outstanding. Highly recommended”
Community Manager
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“We have been working with EE for about a year now. As a management company, they have proven themselves willing to listen to our needs and provide us tools to meet those. They are always available to discuss items on an owner's account and my team loves the fast response times”
Branch President
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“[Our Client Liaison] is amazing to work with! No matter the situation that is at hand she always works through it with and helps educate during the process.”
Community Manager
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“As the President of a homeowners association my experience with "Equity Experts" has exceeded my expectations of any debt collection agencies that I have experienced in the past.”
Board President
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“A few weeks ago I found myself (unbeknownst) having to deal with this collection agency. I was not pleased and was very vocal about that! This company deserves 5 stars…Additionally, Equity Experts continues to work as an advocate for their customers but also for the individuals on the other side of the collection process. I am indeed grateful for the resolution!”
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“Equity Experts is an efficient and organized company focused on its clients expectations and results.”
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“Equity Experts is honestly a one of a kind company. I was having issues with my account. [The Recovery Experts] were able to walk me through in detail what was going on and the best way to resolve my issue. Thanks again guys!”
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“[My Recovery Expert] was a tremendous help to me today as I struggled to understand my debt issue. After ten minutes on the phone, my problem was resolved. Thank you .... for the outstanding service!”
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“I am happy to say that both times I have worked with Equity Experts in the past couple of years I have gotten very professional, timely and considerate service. [They] have gone above and beyond in resolving issues that led to settlement of business transactions that could have been significantly delayed if they had not taken the time and effort to get things done correctly and quickly. Would be pleased to work with them any time.”
Title Company
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“Special thanks to [Equity Experts] for helping solve the problem. This is a fair company and they make sure their customers are helped”

Fax Us Your Ledgers (just kidding)

Join us in the 21st Century with software integrations that eliminate manual processes.

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Resolution Rock Stars

We get it – no one plans to fall behind. Empathy, outreach, and our data-driven approach mean faster results.

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You call, we answer 95% of the time. You email, we reply within 30 minutes. Check out our Google rating and testimonials.


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We take our position as the industry leader seriously. As that leader, we advocate through the support of legislative initiatives and legal victories that establish important precedent.

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Equity Experts provides an innovative collection solution for community associations fueled by technology & innovation.