Integrated Partnership

Through our Integrated Partnership Program your Management Company will make more revenue – with less risks and better results.

How Much Could You Earn?



Does your Management Company have less than 300 delinquent files? You could still earn up to $30K in additional revenue. Find out more today!



Refer between 300-1K delinquent accounts annually to Equity Experts and you can earn an additional revenue of up to $130K for your Management Company.



Our Gold Partners, who refer between 1K-3K delinquent accounts annually, have gained over $450K annually in additional revenue for their Management Companies.



Our Platinum Partners, with over 3K delinquent accounts referred annually, traditionally earn over $1 MILLION in additional revenue for their Management Companies.

Integrated Partnership Advantages

Partnering with Equity Experts has never been easier. You’ll be able to enjoy an additional revenue stream with less labor, less risks, and better results. Check out some of the advantages of joining us below!


We will promote our respective brands to increase your reach and ours!


We will provide an API integration with your software to reduce labor and increase accuracy.

Board Support

We will support your boards and reinforce the value of your service.


We will provide industry insights and training based on our research.

Ready to learn more?

Equity Experts Highlights

financial Hardship screening

The COVID Pandemic has been hard on everybody in many different ways. We’ll evaluate accounts for hardships while proactively offering our RelEEf program for assistance. Visit our hardship calculator to learn more about this process.

technological innovation

Our NEW partnership with TechCollect will save money and improve results. Through TechCollect we have access to thousands of data points that help us determine the best method of communication for each homeowner.

deferred cost recommendations

Equity Experts, through our partnership with TechCollect, will always recommend the collection path that has the best ROI for each account. This helps your communities save money while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.


You call, we answer 95% of the time. You email, we reply within 30 minutes. Check out our Google rating and testimonials.

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Resolution Rock Stars

We get it – no one plans to fall behind. Empathy, outreach, and our data-driven approach mean faster results.

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