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Talking TechCollect: The Future is Now

The traditional methods of manual paperwork, checks, and in-person payments can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors when working with delinquents. However, with the advent of technology, a solution has emerged.  TechCollect is revolutionizing the collection process.

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Debtor Friendly Process

Providing a unique collection report and recovery roadmap for debtors, TechCollect has made our collection processes at Equity Experts faster, easier and debtor friendly. The Recovery Roadmap suggests a sequence of specific steps to go about the collection process based on the delinquents’ current financial situation, their real estate value, and how they prefer to communicate. For example: TechCollect operates like a GPS, it’s providing directions to help the delinquent to get to their destination of resolving their delinquency no matter where they are or what direction they’re heading.

Saving Time

The system provides live updates for each step in the collection process, noting which were completed successfully by the debtor and which were not, giving the property manager a real-time look at how the process is coming along with TechCollect. Unlike attorneys, which generally get paid more for a lengthly collection process, TechCollect resolves delinquencies quickly and efficiently since it is completely automated.

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Predictive Analytics and Reports

Taking data and information from our sources based on the delinquents’ financial state, their real estate value, and their communication preferences, TechCollect predicts the likelihood of a quick resolution. The system estimates the potential number of days required for recovery, the likelihood of legal action, and the likelihood of an early settlement. Each delinquents’ profile is provided with a score that helps determine the likelihood of a successful resolution based on these predictive analytics.


A Wise Man Once Said…

The simplest solution is almost always the best. Sooner is always better when dealing with delinquencies, for both the sake of the community, the delinquent owner, and the community manager.  Efficiency is the future, and Equity Experts represents the future with the help of TechCollect. Join us in making a change for the better in our communities and lives. It’s the simple solution, the best solution.

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