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Association Assessment Collections

Equity Experts quickly resolves delinquent files with care and precision utilizing a five step process:
  • Dunning / Pre-Lien Notification – We send the homeowner notification that the debt has been transferred to a collection agency. Our letter indicates that if the debt is not resolved within 30 days a lien will be filed with the county.


  • Lien – We assist the association with securing their interest in the property by having a lien filed. We send a draft of the lien to the homeowner, along with a letter explaining the ramifications of the lien and the association’s legal interests in regards to the property.


  • Extended Debter Outreach (EDO)– Our Extended Debter Outreach (EDO) process is an important distinction that sets us apart from our competitors. We send weekly letters to the homeowner urging them to respond before their account escalates further.  If contact information is provided, we will also make several weekly attempts to contact the homeowner by phone or email.  If no additional contact information is available, Equity Experts will conduct skip-tracing efforts to locate valid contact information. By taking these additional measures, Equity Experts ensures that each homeowner has the opportunity to address their association delinquency and make arrangements before moving forward with more escalated action.


  • Pre-Legal – This step is our final warning to the homeowner that the association may assert certain legal rights if the homeowner fails to respond.  We send notice to the homeowner via both first-class mail and certified-mail with return receipt, which includes a copy of the recorded lien. We also complete a detailed title search to evaluate the association’s position in regards to other lien holders.


  • Foreclosure or Lawsuit – When all of the previous collection efforts have not resulted in an approved payment arrangement, we make our foreclosure recommendation to the association board for approval. The timeframe and specific procedures vary by state however; in all cases Equity Experts will coordinate the complete process, including working with local counsel when necessary, all while limiting the up front legal costs to the Association.



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