Equity Experts provides an innovative collection solution fueled by technology and supported by a collaborative team.

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Equity Experts believes in people and how a healthy Community can enrich the lives of those within and surrounding that Community.  Therefore, it is our mission to impact communities broadly by creating a rich and encouraging work-environment, reducing workload for community association managers, educating and supporting debtors, and helping board members fulfill their fiduciary duties.  We accomplish this through innovative solutions that embrace technology, combined with an empathetic approach to difficult situations.  Ultimately, we provide debt collection, legal and technology services to communities with guaranteed results across 27 States. 

We collect. You Manage. 


Our team has an extensive background in community management, along with a team of dedicated attorneys that serve all markets within our growing national footprint. Coupled with a team of data analysts, Recovery Experts, and Community Liaisons, Equity Experts is equipped to impact communities across the nation.

With a focus on integrity, community, and resolution, the entire Equity Experts team is inspired to create lasting relationships and long-term value for our clients.

Equity Experts was founded by a team of community management operators who were dissatisfied with the responsiveness, effectiveness, and reporting of law firms and collection services. After countless tries of providing them with a format for reporting that would make recovery information more comprehensible to board members, being charged for the time to assemble these specialized reports and hours of frustration for the management company and their association clients, they knew there had to be a better way.

Secured Collections was formed in 2003 as a lower-cost and more effective way of collecting HOA debt. Upon proving itself to be a better collection alternative, the company began receiving requests from other property management companies.

In 2006, Secured Collections became Equity Experts and grew to serve local community associations.

Around this time our President, Michael Novak, joined the company bringing ideas to enhance the current process. Drawing the frustrations within the association management industry and examining community association collections from outsider’s perspectives, Equity Experts developed a low-risk solution to better suit their client’s needs.

This solution is more proactive than the typical collections process. Our Full Circle approach incorporates consistent contact with the debtor and provides support to community managers with deferred out-of-pocket cost to associations.

Our industry-leading resolution rate is under 90 days, allowing our clients to understand and resolve delinquencies earlier and at a lower cost.

Over the last 15 years, Equity Experts has grown tremendously. We have refined our process from a 70-80% success rate to our current Full Circle Process which boasts 98% success. Equity Experts has become a valuable partner to neighborhoods across 27 states, including Michigan, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, and South Carolina. Our efforts are continuously expanding to reach all 50 states by 2020.

As we continue to grow, Equity Experts’ team of experienced, passionate, motivative, and innovate individuals continues to expand. Our specialized Recovery Team is trained to educate and serve all members of the community. We empower our team to find unique solutions for the community members we are assisting. Each resolution generates a total resolution of the debt and financial stability back to the community relationship.  

Equity Experts is looking ahead to a future where no one pays up front for community association collections and community association debt is quickly and efficiently resolved. As we lead an industry-defining change, we intend to be the go-to method for HOA, Condo, and POA collections across the United States.

Core Values


We finish as a team. Our individual efforts are for a collective goal, so we step up, pitch in, and do what it takes to get the job done.


We show honor through our actions.  


Every problem has a solution. We view challenges as opportunities, taking personal initiative and working with others to find the best answer.

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