Foreclosure as a Fiduciary Solution

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Foreclosure. If that word sends chills up your spine, you are not alone. But far too many communities use it as a last resort.

Equity Experts proposes foreclosure when it is the best fiduciary option based on analytics that help us predict a quick resolution.  When the right circumstances are present, we can say with near-certainty that an owner will settle their account during the foreclosure process.  In contrast, when foreclosure is appropriate but not used, these same accounts could end up in a perpetual state of delinquency with multiple lawsuits or small claims judgments that are difficult to enforce.

When used properly, foreclosure offers measurable advantages:


of accounts are settled
prior to sale


more effective than a lawsuit

Equity Experts has the technology to identify the best way to resolve each account. In our latest video, we address when foreclosure might be the best fiduciary solution for a community.

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