Core Values

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Every successful organization needs something to help guide it through the turbulent world of change. Something that defines the organization and allows it to stand out from its competition. Although it is essential for the organization to remain flexible, nimble, and adaptive, there must be something there that stabilizes it, no matter what the outside world is going through.

For Equity Experts, that stabilizing factor is our Core Values, which are:

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Resolution

At Equity Experts, Community is the essence of teamwork. We start every task as a team, and accomplish our goals as a team. This concept isn’t simply an in-house philosophy. We apply it to every connection, relationship, and partnership that we enter. This includes our clients and all of the homeowners that have accounts in our office. Those that choose to partner with Equity Experts benefit from our value of community, as we use communication to accomplish incredible results.

Integrity is a value that can only be displayed through actions. At Equity Experts our collections process is smoothly navigated with integrity at the helm. Our team of Recovery Experts demonstrate high levels of empathy and understanding when talking with homeowners. Instead of only focusing on recovering dollars from the debtor, they take the opportune time to educate them; helping them avoid being in similar positions in the future. Several of the homeowners with accounts in our office have taken time to leave positive reviews for our Recovery Experts online. For instance, a homeowner in Minnesota left a Google review stating,

“Ken (Recovery Expert), provided the best customer service that you can ask for during our conversation. He was professional, and resourceful with each conversation that we had within the last two weeks. All questions were answered, and he immediately emailed the information that was requested. Ken was knowledgeable and able to make decisions to help resolve all concerns.”

Resolution for our clients is not only our goal, it is our mission! Throughout the history of mankind, it has been proven that just about every equation that exists can be solved through sheer motivation and determination. At Equity Experts we are motivated to continue to define an industry through innovative collection solutions. We are determined to never give up in the pursuit of resolving every delinquent file that comes into our possession.

Our Core Values clarify who we are as an organization. They govern our personal relationships, guide our processes, and articulate what we stand for. That is why we are a successful organization. That is why our partners love us!

To find out how you can partner with us please contact [email protected]. To simply share a story of how our team has utilized our core values while working with you please comment below.