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In conjunction with our bank negotiation efforts, Equity Experts also offers a service to pursue the previous homeowner after the bank assumes ownership. 

Because association assessments are a personal obligation of each homeowner, they are personally liable for all assessments during... + details

Bank foreclosures continue to hinder the collection of unpaid assessments in many communities. We recognized the burden this problem was placing on our Association clients and quickly took action to develop a solution.


THE PROBLEM:  If a bank foreclosure occurs... + details

Foreclosing on an association member is often a difficult decision for many association boards. Although foreclosure is never the intended outcome when a delinquent account is first sent to our office, it is an important tool to bring homeowners current when all other attempts to resolve the... + details

Equity Experts quickly resolves delinquent files with care and precision utilizing a five step process:
  • Dunning / Pre-Lien Notification – We send the homeowner notification that the debt has been transferred to a collection agency. Our letter... + details

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