<p>Countless Americans face foreclosure when their lending institutions are unable to collect mortgage payments. In an ideal world, no one would ever face foreclosure&mdash;for any reason. But that world does not exist. Banks and other lenders foreclose on homes when owners default on their loans. Although relatively rare, association-initiated foreclosures are occasionally required to recover delinquent assessments.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It&rsquo;... + read more
Equity Experts is pleased to announce the release of our new website! It is designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, along with the latest information about the industry and our services.   We will continually be expanding our online content to bring you updated and relevant information, so we encourage you to bookmark it, check back often and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive notice when updates and new content are added.   We hope that you... + read more


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