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It’s BUDGET SEASON! One of the many reasons community managers and their associations value their partnerships with Equity Experts, is because using Equity Experts and our no cost* no risk collections solutions, allows them to budget $0.00 for their collections. When you partner with Equity Experts and our NO COST/ NO RISK model, we absorb all the costs and risks associated with collecting delinquent assessments by advancing the legal fees, filing fees, and costs while returning to the association 100% of the debtor’s balance! If there was ever a “win/win” situation for your communities, this is it!

The number one question we are asked is, “What’s the catch?” Well, the answer is simple… there isn’t one. Our process was created to not only be cost effective for the communities, but also to provide far better results! Our guarantee is that we will provide a resolution 98% of the time, or you will not have to pay us! Those results also come quickly! No longer will you and your communities have to wait around while delinquent files linger on for years. On average, Equity Experts resolves files within 90 days, which we have found to far surpass the industry average.

Partner with us and see for yourself. We are the best solution for your community association collections. Our results speak for themselves:

  1. No upfront costs or risk
  2. 98% success rate
  3. 90-day average resolution rate

Contact us today to find how we can help your community budget $0.00 for collections. Call us at 1-866-9639 or email us at sales@equityexperts.org.

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