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Defining the HOA Collections Industry - Equity Experts
As the leading collection solution for community association collections, Equity Experts is more than a mere collection service. Our team has an extensive background in community management, and our attorneys serve all of the markets within our national footprint.  This expertise ensures our clients and their managers receive friendly, efficient service in compliance with federal and state regulations. Although delinquencies are often an uncomfortable topic for homeowners, it's... + read more
How March Can Mean More Money For Your Community Association
Over 14 years of business, we have noticed a recurring spike in delinquent association dues at the beginning of the year. While many factors cause homeowners to accrue HOA debt, the effect to the community generally means increased HOA fees, maintenance delays, and other frustrations within the neighborhood.    Our team at Equity Experts is excited for March! Why? Tax Season.    While Tax Day... + read more
A community association never wants to sue their members to collect unpaid assessments or HOA dues. But when informal efforts to collect those fees fail, your board members or staff may find themselves heading to court. Learn what to expect during collections lawsuits to make the most of your time in court. While the exact procedure for a collections lawsuit will vary from state to state, you can count on certain things when you have to take a community association collections case to court... + read more
As a community association board member, you hope that your neighbors stay in your community for years. But sometimes, circumstances cause a member to sell a home and leave. If that member is behind on dues or assessments, that can leave your community holding the debt. You need to know where to turn to collect after the sale. Members leave community associations for all kinds of reasons. They may have to relocate for a job. Maybe their families are growing and they need to expand. Or maybe... + read more
Equity Experts
In a perfect world, a community association would send out its annual assessment and all its members would happily pay their dues. But when reality falls short of ideal, how do you deal with delinquent dues? What do you need to do to collect unpaid assessments? Not every community member is going to pay their dues on time. Sometimes, homeowners will feel the amount is excessive, or it doesn't fit within their budget. But delinquent dues can send a community into financial... + read more


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