In today’s world, it is generally regarded as a keen move to have an insurance policy. Therefore, people get insurance policies on just about anything and everything. I’m sure you have heard stories of models insuring their legs, and singers insuring their vocal chords; however, those are some of the extreme cases that the standard person doesn’t have to worry about. Usually the things that your everyday person insures are: cars, house, phones, and their life. The question... + read more
It’s BUDGET SEASON! One of the many reasons community managers and their associations value their partnerships with Equity Experts, is because using Equity Experts and our no cost* no risk collections solutions, allows them to budget $0.00 for their collections. When you partner with Equity Experts and our NO COST/ NO RISK model, we absorb all the costs and risks associated with collecting delinquent assessments by advancing the legal fees, filing fees, and costs while returning to the... + read more
Equity Experts was founded, to a degree, by a dissatisfaction with traditional HOA collection reporting. Detailed reports are crucial for community managers and board members to keep association finances in order. It's important that these reports be accessible when necessary, easy to understand, and provide the most up-to-date information. We've already improved the reporting experience for our customers a great deal. Each client may reach out to their designated... + read more
Defining the HOA Collections Industry - Equity Experts
As the leading collection solution for community association collections, Equity Experts is more than a mere collection service. Our team has an extensive background in community management, and our attorneys serve all of the markets within our national footprint.  This expertise ensures our clients and their managers receive friendly, efficient service in compliance with federal and state regulations. Although delinquencies are often an uncomfortable topic for homeowners, it's... + read more
How March Can Mean More Money For Your Community Association
Over 14 years of business, we have noticed a recurring spike in delinquent association dues at the beginning of the year. While many factors cause homeowners to accrue HOA debt, the effect to the community generally means increased HOA fees, maintenance delays, and other frustrations within the neighborhood.    Our team at Equity Experts is excited for March! Why? Tax Season.    While Tax Day... + read more


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